Magic Skillz Skore Standings

Introducing our Magic the Gathering Skillz Skore system! This system is based on calculations from the tried and true US Chess Federation, very similar to the old DCI rating system. This score is compiled to show your general skill at Magic the Gathering not a particular format such as standard or modern.

This score has been created from the Pre-release of a new set until the next Store Championship. Any Magic the Gathering tournament (not casual events) you are in at Adventure Games will add or subtract from your personal Skillz Skore based on your performance in that tournament.

Every 3 months AG will be inviting the top 16 players from the current Skillz Skore to a special no entry fee booster draft of the latest MTG set.

Current Top Players

  1. Tony Porto 1299

  2. Nick Roman 1249

  3. Bryan Gross 1169

  4. Mary Sinkovich 1163

  5. Zack Zaluski 1115

  6. Jeff Stumpo 1102

  7. Corey Weisel 1063

  8. Daniel Cafferty 1055

  9. Jason Malone 1032

  10. Partick Joyce 1032

  11. DJ Matter 1032

  12. Colin Holmes 1027