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Warhammer ITC Tournament


Points: 2000
Entry: $15.00
Forge World: Yes, but a limit of 1 Forge World unit per army and it cannot have a power level greater than 30.
Detachments: Limit of 3

Please RSVP, you can preregister at Adventure Games.

Model Requirements: WYSIWYG Is enforced.. Please contact us with any proxy questions you may have. All proxies must be approved by the TO. 

Painting Requirements: 3 color minimum is required for all models! If your army does not meet this minimum requirement, there will be a scoring penalty enforced.

Any conversions must have prior approval, please email a picture of the model and what it's supposed to be.

You must bring all relevant books for your army. This includes rule book, index/codex, and chapter approved! 

We will be adhering to the ITC 8th Edition Guidlines and FAQ:

Earlier Event: September 15
Later Event: September 16
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