“Good strategists seize opportunities. Great strategists make their own.”

Shelter Odessey

Magic: The Gathering is an interactive multiplayer collectable card game. The idea behind the game is that each player is a wizard in a duel with the other player or players, using spells and creatures to defeat the other. The game is distributed by Wizards of the Coast. There is no shortage of combination and strategies that cater to all styles and levels of play.

Since Adventure Games’ very beginning, Magic: the Gathering has been an important part of our community. Our players’ skills range from the absolute beginner to veterans that have been playing the game since the release of its first set. Standard, Modern, Vintage, even Commander are all welcome formats and have a place at Adventure Games. Our community is determined to help each other learn and grow to create a more competitive and skilled environment every day. Please see our events for your chance to jump into the fun.


Learn the basics of playing Magic the Gathering by clicking on the link below

Magic the Gathering Basic Rules