Super Smash Bros.

Singles Events for Melee, Project M, and Smash 4. Apex ruleset for Melee, “Unspoken” ruleset for PM, and Apex ruleset for Smash 4 with modified stage list. Payout is 60/30/10 for all events. $3 Venue + $3 per event. Bring Setups! $2 Spectator fee.
Registration for each event closes upon the beginning of the event.

5:00 Registration begins

6:00 Smash 4 begins
7:00 Project M begins
8:00 Melee begins
REMEMBER to Bring Your Own Controller!
*Special Note* Due recent lapses in the availability of Smash 4 setups, I request that more be brought, if at all possible.
Please consider this when preparing.
PM 3.6 Stagelist Starters
(1-2-1 ban) Green Hill Zone
Smashville Battlefield
Pokemon Stadium 2
Counterpicks (3 bans) Yoshi’s Story
Wario Ware
Fountain of Dreams
Final Destination
Yoshi’s Island
Delfino’s Secret
Norfair 1-2-1 ban for starters
3 bans for counterpicks
Stage must be chosen before character changes in the event of counterpicks Modified Smash 4 Stage List
Neutrals (1-1 bans based on port priority/RPS)
Counterpicks (1 ban)
Duck Hunt