Some view running a role-playing game as a job with too much pressure; others view it as a delight and have a blast while they run it; then there’s me. I view it as both. It is a job to maintain the game and its integrity but it can also be a lot of fun. It is a job for me, planning the encounters and keeping the tempo up while my game is going on but that’s the job side. The flip side of that coin is when I see the sheer delight in my players when I see them doing something amazing like quad critical hitting the villain of the campaign after he was beating the players up which means rolling a 20 four times on a 20-sided die. It’s like being Shakespeare and bringing happiness to people through a play. I’m the director and parts of the cast while my players help me write the awesome tale.

When you are told that “I look forward to your game, it is some of the only happiness I get after working all week” is an awesome feeling that you are making a difference in someone’s life and bringing them happiness from the mundane daily grind. That gives me the drive to carry on running my game.  To know that you can make a difference is what counts. Many feel powerless to help others; but through the act of running a game you can bring a lifetime of memories and fun. It is essentially the gift that keeps giving because once someone learns how to play they can try their hand at running and then the circle of giving happiness is complete.